Thursday, June 12, 2014

George Will is Hating

George Will's article (link below) claiming that rape and sexual assault survivors are speaking out because of the great privileges that come with the title has absolutely OUTRAGED me.  I am blown away.  He skews statistics in his poorly written article full of excessive thesaurus use leading to a pompous sounding maze of faulty logic and hate.  Seriously, not only is he spewing hatred and skewing facts, but his article is not an easy read because of the ridiculous word choices and sentence structure (I'm going to get off this side throught now).  So in response to his demeaning and sarcastic use of "survivors" (he put it in sarcastic quotations), I am going to respond in equal tone:  Yes, being a rape survivor has made my life INFINITELY better- you caught me, I have just loved life since I was raped. Perks GALORE. George Will, if the perks are so great why don't you try a day in the life? 

I love the attitude of Katie McDonough in her response to George Will's pompous and idiotic anti-rape rant (article below), very well written and smart mouthed :)  high five to her!

Such ignorance is outrageous and somewhat alarming. The campaign for awareness is spreading, lets hope the truth outshines the haze created by moronic and egotistical people like George Will. We know what happened to us, we know what happens to others, and we know the high price we pay if we choose to speak out. Stay strong out there, the only way to see change is to persevere through adversity.

But honestly, how does George Will's article make you feel when he's criticizing "survivors" (he put them in sarcastic quotations, not me) and claiming that we survivors get special privileges for speaking out as survivors of rape and sexual assault? Or of his comments about not getting the big deal about unwanted sexual contact and groping? What do YOU have to say in response to George Will? Speak your mind and share your thoughts!

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